Jae-Bun Sim

Born September 15, 1961 in Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea

Private Exhibitions

2005 Lotus, A Beautiful Secret

2007 Lotus,

2007 Lotus, Invitational Exhibition at Gwaneumsa (Temple)

2007 The 1st International Contemporary Art Invitational at Qinghai, China

2011 Lotus, Non-figuratif with Fragrance

2012 Tree, What Do They Tell you?
Dawn Light – International Contemporary Art Exhibition (Sarajevo B&H)
Art Bosporus International Art Fair (Istanbul)
Boat & Boat – International Contemporary Art (Uzbekistan)
The Sad Song of Nature (Georgia)
Kunsthalle Unlimited Desire(Denmark)

2013 Rokomumkau International Contemporary Art Exhibition – place to place (Australia)
International Contemporary Art Exhibition - The cycles of life (Mongolia)


1. Gold prize at the International Photo Exhibition commemorating the sources of the 3 great rivers of China
2. Excellence award at the International Contemporary Art Exhibition held in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
3. 2014 Cheongju-si Award for Distinguished Woman (Arts area) 2014

Photo Essays

Lotus, (Hangilsa, 2007)
Lotus, Non-figuratif with Fragrance (2011)
Tree, What Do They Tell you? (2012)


Vice-chairman of the Special Advisory Committee for Female Volunteer Work of the Red Cross in Chungcheongbuk-do
Member of the Security Cooperation Committee of Chungbuk Provincial Police Agency
Member of the Policy Committee of the Federation of Artistic & Culture Organization of Cheongju
Member of Policy Committee of Cheongju Photographers’ Association
Chairman of Chungbuk Buddhist Photographers’ Association
Director at Daewon Corporation