Work Note


1. I pray nobody will take lightly the echoes of life left in just one trace of someone...
This is my ever-changing yesterday, today and tomorrow...

What am I really who is alive and moves around? And then I am lost in contemplation, looking at the traces that have stopped before me and that I encounter in the succession of life and
A rotten, camel-shaped twig of tree and an outworn odd rubber boot that might have walked around this lake with a fisherman, and the footprints moving around the area at this moment, etc...

Suddenly my heart flutters...

With incessant desire and greed, egotism and selfishness, they put those living together into suffering, drove to death, and finally gather together their traces to be with them in the name of resistance.

2. Aral Sea that has dried due to the greed of the people and is turning into a desert. Now in order to share their pain, I collected the traces of those who were helplessly sacrificed and I encountered while traveling with the members of Nine Dragon Heads through Aral Sea and I hold a memorial service to console and pray for the well-being of their souls at their tombs Muynak. I send the message of my heart to them to put down their toil of life now.

3. How poor is the environment we are living in, so much so that the last pieces of bones could not be buried there, only to be found by us and finally reach this exhibition room? We enshrined them in this exhibition room to bow our heads in deep apology, to express our wish to warn the world and to see no more pain coming from our attachment to life so that we can share this world with our desire and greed put aside.


1. Starting from the traces we met in Aral Sea earlier, we are going to shed new light on the traces of death encountered in many places including Georgia and Australia, and read and tell about Samsara (the Cycles of Life) of our life and share it with many people. And I will continue my journey so that I can see the core of Samsara.

2. I start again in Mongolia with the theme of  'From place to place'  that I worked on in Australia.
I hope to experience the life of the nomads of Mongolia, understand again that truth follows nature, and get to know the beginning of Karma.

3. The departure was delayed due to a small trouble at checkout, and as the car I rode in had a puncture soon after our departure, the already delayed travel began with waiting.

Before long, we had to stop because of the car breakdown. We continue our talk about our works even for the short moment of time.

Mongolia. In front of the endless landscape of great nature, stray thoughts we were carrying like a burden disappear. Beautiful pastoral scenes. Stopping for a moment in front of nature, and the fresh scent coming from the mother earth, the peaceful sound of cow bells, and the Mongolian people sitting on the grass and looking at the strangers in curiosity. We also look at them and measure each other with our own rules. I envy them for their leisure that knows satisfaction with small things and for their innocent eyes, and they enviously look at us who enjoy material affluence. But do they know material affluence is not necessarily happiness? From endless possessiveness and obsession we are suffering...

O~~ this fresh wind and air. I am so happy that I can afford this leisure. Thanks for this nidana, this opportunity.